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Although I couldn't finish this game (due to bugs found in it), I can say that the premise is very good, and that it has good potential. It would be great if it was better crafted and turned into a game with lots, lots of content to explore. Congratulations to the people who produced Lightbringer.


Thank you for checking it out, the video really helps a lot with seeing how others play it! I wasn't aware of the bug, will push a quick update so it can be finished. Definitely going to expand on the tutorial to show creating light paths.

Thank you for taking the time to play the game! I agree it has a lot of potential, the concept that Twop developed is very interesting and engaging. Hopefully we get to continue crafting the game and building upon the content like you mentioned. 

It's funny seeing the way you play VS how I do. I'm very cautious about straying from the light whereas you just sprint through the darkness as fast as possible.