Jam version is out!

The game jam version of the Lightbringer is out!

I added a quick fix to allow player to finish the game, as one object had too big collision

The light exploration idea brewed in my head last year, so Black and White jam was perfect to test what it could become and build up my portfolio. The resulting interactions are quite interesting, I got to tackle some new features in Unreal which slowed me but will be quite valuable for future projects. Learned more about top-down games and that level design sure takes time, especially at an angle like this. Working in a team helped a lot with getting the vision right, creating and putting together all of the pieces on time, so big thanks to MK and Mau!

The full premise is that you are fighting monsters, surrounded by an oppressive darkness that you really don't want to step into or you might end up consumed by the shadow creatures. And so you are slowly building light paths to lead you through the darkness and explore the lands. With planned different variants of creatures, simple quests, absorbing monster's ability, defensive towers, and other wonderful features I haven't had time to implement, but it shows promise!  So I will be polishing and expanding the game to make it a solid enjoyable experience.

Currently my main focus is on fixing the current bugs, mainly dragging which can sometimes be weird but is used so often. After that I will reinforce the idea of staying in light and building the light path through the shadows, slowing down the pace through it and expanding the game with some of the features I have planned.

Feedback and comments are welcome of course, thanks for reading! ♥


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Apr 12, 2022

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